20.10.18 Benin: Ajavon seeks for political asylum in France
20.10.18 Guinea: funeral for protest victims
20.10.18 ‘Enjoy the weirdness’: Steel balls sent hurtling down Seattle street after truck sheds load (VIDEOS)
20.10.18 What, you didn’t know that grazing elephants are absolutely normal in Siberia?
20.10.18 South African farmers to visit Russia’s Crimea to boost ties while facing land expropriation at home
20.10.18 War Machine vs Charlie Wilson’s War – Tom Secker on Around the Empire
20.10.18 Lebanese beauty queen dethroned over selfie with Israeli counterpart
20.10.18 US and Russian defense ministers meet for first time, Mattis expresses condolences on Kerch tragedy
20.10.18 Emerging economies stockpiling gold in expectation of US dollar banking system collapse – analysts
20.10.18 Love story on narrow skis
20.10.18 28 killed, 100 injured as blasts rip through Afghanistan during election day
20.10.18 Epic trip to hot planet: First Euro-Japanese space mission to unravel Mercury’s mysteries (VIDEO)
20.10.18 Nearly half the world lives on less than $5.50 a day – World Bank
20.10.18 Damascus seeks UN probe over 60 civilians killed in US-led coalition strikes in Deir ez-Zor
20.10.18 At least 59 killed as train hits crowd in northern India
20.10.18 Ukraine government hikes gas prices for population by quarter as part of deal with IMF
20.10.18 Kidnapped Tanzanian billionaire Mohammed Dewji found
20.10.18 ‘These aren’t little angels!’ Trump denounces ‘hardened criminals’ storming Mexico border
20.10.18 'Some heads will roll, maybe literally': Saudi version of Khashoggi's last 'fight' casts doubts
20.10.18 Macedonian parliament narrowly greenlights name change for ‘brighter future’ with NATO & EU
20.10.18 Freedom of worship? US encourages Ukraine to create independent Orthodox Church
20.10.18 Sex robot gets 92 Tinder matches in 2 hours
20.10.18 ‘Strong blow’ looming? Israel masses tanks & APCs on Gaza border (PHOTOS)
20.10.18 Trump finds Saudi version of Khashoggi death ‘credible,’ touts arms deals with ‘great ally’
20.10.18 Migrant caravan using women & children as human shields to break into Mexico – Pompeo