20.10.18 ‘Migrant sodomizer, rot in grave’: Outrage over 9/11 widow abused by NYPD-hating ‘liberal’ (VIDEO)
20.10.18 ‘I am not ready to let her go’: Boyfriend of Crimea massacre victim breaks spine in suicide attempt
20.10.18 Saudi explanation of Khashoggi’s killing ‘inadequate,’ real transparency needed – Berlin
20.10.18 Bigger boat: World’s largest amphibious aircraft makes maiden water take-off & landing (VIDEO)
20.10.18 Godzilla, Tardis & Einstein: NASA redraws constellations to map gamma-ray sky (IMAGE, VIDEOS)
20.10.18 ‘Netanyahu’s time is over’ – former Israeli PM Olmert calls for revival of his 2008 peace plan
20.10.18 Barking mad: Adventure-seeking canine befriends family of bears (VIDEO)
20.10.18 Parents Lose One More Right in California as the State Limits Kid’s Menu Drinks to Water or Milk
20.10.18 CBD Has Gone Mainstream Despite Federal Prohibition
20.10.18 Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 20, 2018, #167
20.10.18 US Navy Investigating Two Mysterious Helicopter Crashes Amid Rash Of Suspicious Incidents
20.10.18 Hackers breach system, get data on 75,000
20.10.18 Space junk plunges out of orbit and crashes on California farm (PHOTOS)
20.10.18 US aircraft carrier enters Arctic Circle for the first time in nearly three decades
20.10.18 EMFs & RFs Constantly Invade Your Home Inflicting DNA Damage, But There Is Something You Can Do To Mitigate That, Protect Yourself & Your Loved Ones
20.10.18 3 senior Russian officials meet with Syria’s Assad to talk about ‘finally destroying’ terrorists
20.10.18 Hitler pilgrimage: German right-wing politician quits over scandalous tour of Nazi sites
20.10.18 Saudis Admit Khashoggi Killed At Consulate “In Fist-Fight”, King Salman Fires 5 Top Officials
20.10.18 Remains of over 60 babies found in US funeral home
20.10.18 "Smart home" companies refuse to say whether law enforcement is using your gadgets to spy on you
20.10.18 US invents new ‘meddling’ charges to play ‘Russia card’ ahead of midterms - Moscow FM official
20.10.18 ‘You don’t see this everyday’: Plane makes epic emergency landing amid freeway traffic (VIDEO)
20.10.18 Khabib presented '1st Russian UFC champ' cup by hometown team, kicks off match (PHOTOS/VIDEO)
20.10.18 10,000s gather in London for ‘biggest’ anti-Brexit rally seeking final say (VIDEOS)
20.10.18 Ouagadougou: opening of youth centre