15.12.17 Russian director Zvyagintsev’s ‘Loveless’ on Oscar foreign film shortlist
15.12.17 Russian ex-Economy Minister Ulyukayev found guilty in $2mn bribery case
15.12.17 Hundreds rally in Latvian capital to support Russian language in schools
15.12.17 Russia won’t be part of ‘strangling’ North Korea, says US should do its part to start talks
15.12.17 Star Wars Princess Leia wielded Soviet pistol against stormtroopers
15.12.17 Brexit or die: 11 Tory rebels threatened with death or deselection after turncoat vote
15.12.17 Rape trial of student collapses because police withheld sex texts
15.12.17 Russian 2018 presidential election date set as March 18 – upper house
15.12.17 Russian hacker claims he was hired by Kremlin to target US Democratic Party
15.12.17 ‘Unconscionable’: DeVos smacked with two suits, claiming student loan borrowers ripped off
15.12.17 93yo Florida woman handcuffed, jailed after eviction days before birthday (VIDEO)
15.12.17 Trees infused with firefly extract could replace street lights (VIDEO)
15.12.17 Israel’s highest court rules it illegal for IDF to hold bodies of killed Palestinians
15.12.17 Comey's Clinton draft statement heavily edited to water down private email server impact
15.12.17 Medical marijuana compound non-addictive, should not be scheduled drug - WHO
15.12.17 ‘Netanyahu is calling shots as US beats drums of war vs Iran' – CIA veteran
15.12.17 Israeli infiltrators launch surprise attack on Palestinian rally (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
15.12.17 Chinese Navy begins live-fire drills near N. Korea as S. Korea & US escalate activity
15.12.17 Italy passes 'precursor to euthanasia' bill that would allow patients to refuse treatment
15.12.17 Saudi Arabia & ‘their Western handlers’ behind Syria peace talks failure – Damascus envoy
15.12.17 $12bn Berlin-Munich high-speed train plagued by glitches, cancellations in 1st week
15.12.17 FOIA Docs Show FDA’s Data on Kratom Deaths is Complete Propaganda
14.12.17 missing Argentine submarine reportedly ‘chased by British helicopter’ before disappearing
15.12.17 Tax reform imperiled: Rubio threatens ‘No’ vote over child tax credit