22.05.18 Death toll from blast in Kandahar rises to 16, with 38 wounded – Afghan officials
22.05.18 White South African farmers claiming persecution at home seek refuge in Australia
22.05.18 Duma passes bill on counter-sanctions, gives Russian govt power to impose restrictions
22.05.18 Battle of the predators: Fox & eagle in death-defying duel over rabbit prey (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
22.05.18 "Don't let the door hit you on the way out’ - Jewish groups react to Ken Livingstone quitting Labour
22.05.18 Cash in with Yashin: Banknotes featuring legendary goalkeeper released for Russia 2018 (PHOTOS)
22.05.18 ‘Comprehensive slaughter’: Barbarian savagery unearthed in 1,000yo bones (PHOTOS)
22.05.18 Controversial Russian city mayor quits in protest over canceled elections
22.05.18 Syria fired over 100 missiles at our war planes, Israeli Air Force chief claims
22.05.18 Take Zlat! Ibrahimovic red-carded for slapping MLS opponent
22.05.18 Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich may have to prove wealth to get back into UK
22.05.18 Greece offers to boost resurgence of Russian shipbuilding
22.05.18 Iraqi court sentences Belgian to death as ISIS senior fighter
22.05.18 Iranians should deliver 'strong punch to mouth' of Pompeo – IRGC commander
22.05.18 ‘War crimes’: Palestine calls on ICC to investigate Israeli ‘human rights violations’
22.05.18 Trident nuclear subs: MoD faces £6bn funding gap
22.05.18 Too late for Bulgaria to ask Russia for gas pipeline after ditching South Stream – Russian senator
22.05.18 China to cut import tariffs for cars and vehicle parts – ministry
22.05.18 French public service workers strike to protest govt plan to cut 120,000 jobs by 2022
22.05.18 Chilean villagers suffer water shortages because of Europeans’ love for avocado
22.05.18 Trump hotel shootout: Florida police release footage of gun attack (VIDEO)
22.05.18 Foreign journalists arrive for N. Korea nuke site closing
22.05.18 Aussie archbishop faces 2 years in jail after being convicted of child sex abuse cover-up
22.05.18 Cyclist tackled by police after bypassing bomb squad & 'investigating' suspicious backpack (VIDEO)
22.05.18 Israel brags it is 1st state to use US-made F-35 in combat & ‘attacks on different fronts’